Help lift a curse off a bunny. Repeat it as many times as necessary.

This game was made for the Black & White game jam.

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorPatera Bach
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Black and White, Casual, Cute


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Thoroughly comfy aesthetic and vibe, quality stuff.


pat ba


You tried and I appreciate that.


The designs are super lovely and the ending is so sweet! I'm interested in other games or general work of yours. Good stuff.



Great aesthetic, love the art!


Would totally buy on steam if it was expanded upon!

Thank you!


I picked up the ingredients/mushroom but nothing happened =/
The art looks really awesome tho!

The music is a bit interesting, but also really awesome!

Thanks for making this game!


Love the art style, aesthetic, and mood. Would gladly play more of it. (Also you can walk through the far right wall in the exterior hallway, did that once by accident)


10/10 graphics

8/10 gameplay

7/10 story

that's a damn good project


I love the Art style of the game!