A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Dream-like adventure game.

Set in the Overworld, a plane above the real world.

Set at the end of time, you play as a tired witch that found herself stuck in this strange place.

Make your way out, and meet those that aim to help you along the way.


This game is now available for free on Windows an Linux.

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NOTE: This game has no save systems as it should take about 30 minutes to beat.

ver 1.1 added a windowed/fullscreen toggle.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorPatera Bach
Tags3D, Comedy, Cute, Exploration, Fantasy, Mystery, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Surreal


Somber Idyll 1.1.zip 47 MB
Somber Idyll Linux 1.1.zip 49 MB


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Great game. Love the atmosphere and the characters. The animations were adorable and ended up adding a lot to the characterization. Had a great time!


very cool! give it your time.


loved this, well done!

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patera bach


This game was great! While it is short, the artstyle, writing and the pure vibe of the world carries the experience all the way through. The soundtrack was pretty nice, but I think the game would have benefited from having some more ambient sound effects, like distant church bells ringing out from time to time or just hearing the wind blow. Just some more sounds to add to the mood.

So all in all, better than Elden Ring 10/10


hello patera, im yag.

love the art style and worldbuilding. the story was interesting but i feel like it dropped off in the last act, i would have loved to see more of it. the level design is phenomenal.

would love to see more of this game/story!


hi yag

hi yag


Hi yag

The game feels incomplete, but you already know that. I do wish you'd expand on this idea, I loved the style you had going for this

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Thank you for including a Linux build! I loved the characters and sights, really cool visuals. Talk animations were very nice, in fact a little thing I'd nitpick is wanting the chat window to be a little transparent so I could see the character better. Overall I really enjoyed this, was great seeing it get developed :)

also good to see droods influence growing one game credit at a time


This game is alright. as much as the bright cyan and the rare building being in front of the walk path would throw me off the darker rooms like the train station looked AMAZING. The gameplay itself was meh Which is understandable as it seems the art style was the focus here.


Great game you got here. I love the art style and characters.
Tho there are some parts where the character goes through walls but that's fine,it only happened in the first area of the game I think. If the game gets updates to expand then I'll look forward to it!


Hi Yag

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cool game, art's REALLY pretty, all in all great work!

wish there were more of the story, the world is really nicely crafted

[SPOILER] also, game features pettable catfish, 5/5 goty confirmed

hi yag


Thank you so much!