Stuck in a strange dream-like metro station, is this a dream? Find a way to wake up and escape.

This game was made for the DreamCoreJam together with Astron.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorPatera Bach
TagsCreepy, Cute, First-Person, Liminal space


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I accidentally 360d and Geep spooked me


A pleasantly spooky jaunt through occasionally meta dream conversations. 



This is such a nice game with a nice mood. The general aspect and textures are great. Good music too.


  • A low-res version to make things melt together a bit more
  • Entering any door of the train

Latter has been left out mostly for performance reasons haha. But thankie!

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got the world record speedrun with glitchs

ok serious review time
for when i started the game it reminded me of ps1 graphics horror games and for the entire time when i played i was in a constant state of paranoia, distress and anxiousness due to the call back to games made by people like chilla's art and puppet combo and i expected a jump scare to happen on the final level when the music was building up i had chills down my spine and  when the train doors open i was looking behind making sure nothing was coming for me.

u could have made on the final train ride u return to the train station because once u leave
"you can never come home again" -Thomas Wolfe   

my rating

7/10 it had a good and un-nerving atmosphere and was done well but was lacking in content.

P.S this game was suggested by Tori

Thank you for the review! I’m not 100% sure who you’re referring to as tori.


Cool game, love the atmosphere and the music. A few audio bugs but it doesn't subtract from the experience at all. Keep it up!

very nice! the more grungy art style you went with is great. music was awesome too, overall a cool experience.

also, hi patera

hello yag.

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i need geep to pin me to a wall


patootie bark


Me: ok, this time i wont get jumpscared by geep

Geep: *standing in dark room*

Me: oh shit


Geeping out